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There's a Party in my Panties!

Weekend Update

First of all, wanted to share two articles this week in NYC press that piqued my interest. First, the Village Voice's Butt Seriously, identifying "white girls with big butts" as the new "in" look. Well that's a relief. For me, it's sure cheaper than buying a trendy poncho or one of those maternity-looking tops that seem to be all the rage -- I've already got one handy. Second, Newsday's Open Door Policy on doormen hooking up their single tenants. Now, I tip my doormen as much as I can reasonably afford, and I certainly don't have them pimping for me. Note to self: try to save more cash for holiday tips.

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting my "outer" at Lindsay's blackout anniversary party. He seems to be a pretty nice, laid back guy, despite the goth makeup (he was sort of tricked into wearing goth makeup, actually -- some degree of confusion about whether or not it was a costume party. The hostess had a fantastic blonde wig that she wanted to wear . . .). You can see his photo gallery from the party here -- and yes, I'm wearing a pink prom dress (the one from New Year's Eve).

Today, I'm off to Blues, BBQ & Fireworks to snarf some ribs. Check out Gothamist Food tomorrow for the full report.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention two more highlights of the weekend, which I wanted to include, at least for posterity's sake. First, I had dinner at my baby brother's new crib in Brooklyn -- he cooked a kick-ass salmon with a pecan crust (need that recipe). Second, I had a surprise out-of-town visitor who took me to the Lebowskifest at the Knitting Factory. Now, I felt like a bit of a fraud, as I have only seen The Big Lebowski once, but I had a great time nonetheless, with drunk guys (there was about a 4-to-1 male/female ratio) quoting lines all around me. Definitely need to rent that one again soon.

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