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The other night I had the pleasure of attending Nichelle's party at Lava Gina, celebrating the arrival of Venus. She had gathered together a batch of smart, cool people, primarily women, and many lovely ladies who blog were in attendance. Some, like Nichelle, I had communicated with before, but had never met it person, and others, like LustyLady, The Brazilian Muse and GirlyNYC, I met for the first time that night. Also in attendance was Anonymous Outsider. There's something quite unique about meeting bloggers in person -- I can't quite put my finger on it yet, but perhaps it's the notion that each of us has a part of us that's out there for the world to see, almost like an alter ego. But then again, just from the brief conversations I had with everyone, I don't think it's an alter ego, per se -- maybe just a highlighted portion of each of us. The folks I met at the party were interesting to chat with, and their blogs are as varied as they are -- be sure to check them out. Thanks for a great evening, and special thanks to Jenn, a non-blogger, for joining me and sharing a light dinner at Perbacco that hit the spot on a steamy evening.

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