Chowhounds to the Rescue (Again)
For the Love of Lobster (another take)

Into Character

It's plug time again, but this time it's for a reality show. No, really. Well, kind of. AMC, the American Movie Classics channel, has put together its own breed of reality show called Into Character. In each episode, a movie lover gets to live out his or her favorite movie scene by going through a two-week intense preparation, and then the scene is re-shot, staying true to the original. My friend Riaz is the Executive Producer and Director, and I had the pleasure of attending the premiere party for the first episode last night, in which a fan got to reenact a scene from Rocky. He trained intensely for two weeks, got a crash course on South Philly from some locals, and even got to meet three potential Adriennes. The show was very well-done and entertaining -- a must for any movie fan. It airs Wednesdays at 10pm on AMC. Congrats, Riaz -- and we look forward to seeing you again now that you have a little more free time.


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