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Another Reason to Run

As I mentioned earlier, I'm training for several events in the near future - Run Hit Wonder on July 22 and a biathlon (running/biking, not skiing/shooting) in September. Yet I'm still finding it tough to pull my lazy self out of bed in the morning to run before work. This morning, however, I found another reason to motivate -- Run Against Bush. You buy a t-shirt, run with a group in your area if you choose to do so, and your money goes to support Kerry through the Democratic National Committee and voter registration intitiatives. You can sponsor me by donating, or get your own t-shirt, get out there, and run against Bush! [via Andrea Strong]

Fishy Fun at Coney Island

Was out at Coney Island for this year's Mermaid Parade on Saturday. Strangely enough, I had never been before, despite the fact that it seemed right up my alley -- you know, artsy, funky, boob-filled. So I headed out this year, and had a great time, and have since decided that I have to dress up next year so I can join in the festivities. I even ran into a few of the lovely ladies who blog while I was there!

clamsAnd most importantly, I ate some great Coney Island boardwalk food, without overdoing it. I found a tiny taco stand tucked away between the fried dough and cotton candy vendors, and managed to have a delicious, spicy, and authentic pork taco, complete with cilantro, fresh lime, radishes, and crisp lettuce, all on a warm corn tortilla. I finished off the day with a half dozen clams on the half-shell, and their sweet brininess was sufficient to carry my Coney Island memories with me on the long F train ride home. Click here for the pictures.

Why You MUST Vote in November

I just got back from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, which opened in NYC this week and will open in other theatres (including The Movies on Exchange Street in Portland, Maine, owned by our good family friends, the Halperts) this weekend. I'll let you form your own opinion, but let's just say that I was so disturbed that I felt the need to add the huge voter registration button to my site (it's also under Buttons o' Mine on the left). Go see it for yourself -- let me know what you think. And don't forget to VOTE, and tell everyone you know to vote, too!

Laissez-Faire Dating

It has been a long while since I've been in a mutual, committed, exclusive, serious, long-term relationship. During the course of my single-dom, I have engaged in various and sundry permutations of "dating," from brief encounters, to longer-term situations, from "this has no future, but it's okay for now" to "I could imagine the possibility of a future here." I've gone from strategic and purposeful alone time to strategic, purposeful, and plentiful dating.

As of this moment, I'm currently open to meeting someone, but am not going out of my way to be proactive about dating. No more internet dating, no participating in dating columns. I did promise one friend that I'd be her wingwoman at a Jewish singles event if necessary -- what are friends for? But generally, it's summer, and I'd rather spend my free time with my friends and family (whom I don't get to see enough as it is) going to free, outdoor events and enjoying everything NYC summer has to offer. This weekend it was an active weekend, complete with a long, leisurely rollerblade down the West side with my friend Eric, and a 60 mile bike ride to Oyster Bay with the girls.

Even though I'm not really looking, I have an odd feeling that, soon enough, I'll end up dating someone with a blog. This could be good or bad. Who knows? We'll see what the future brings. . .

Into Character

It's plug time again, but this time it's for a reality show. No, really. Well, kind of. AMC, the American Movie Classics channel, has put together its own breed of reality show called Into Character. In each episode, a movie lover gets to live out his or her favorite movie scene by going through a two-week intense preparation, and then the scene is re-shot, staying true to the original. My friend Riaz is the Executive Producer and Director, and I had the pleasure of attending the premiere party for the first episode last night, in which a fan got to reenact a scene from Rocky. He trained intensely for two weeks, got a crash course on South Philly from some locals, and even got to meet three potential Adriennes. The show was very well-done and entertaining -- a must for any movie fan. It airs Wednesdays at 10pm on AMC. Congrats, Riaz -- and we look forward to seeing you again now that you have a little more free time.