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Fishy Fun at Coney Island

Was out at Coney Island for this year's Mermaid Parade on Saturday. Strangely enough, I had never been before, despite the fact that it seemed right up my alley -- you know, artsy, funky, boob-filled. So I headed out this year, and had a great time, and have since decided that I have to dress up next year so I can join in the festivities. I even ran into a few of the lovely ladies who blog while I was there!

clamsAnd most importantly, I ate some great Coney Island boardwalk food, without overdoing it. I found a tiny taco stand tucked away between the fried dough and cotton candy vendors, and managed to have a delicious, spicy, and authentic pork taco, complete with cilantro, fresh lime, radishes, and crisp lettuce, all on a warm corn tortilla. I finished off the day with a half dozen clams on the half-shell, and their sweet brininess was sufficient to carry my Coney Island memories with me on the long F train ride home. Click here for the pictures.

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