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Another Bit of Geekiness

I get mocked quite a bit for having a blog. A blog? What the hell's that? Why would you do that? You mean you have a website? What a dork! Yes, I am a big geek; I'll admit it. But there's another bit of geekiness that I haven't yet shared with you, dear readers. It's a part of me that has been around for over fifteen years now, ever since my freshman year in college. And now, I will share it with you. I . . . am . . . an a cappella geek. There -- now it's out. During my years at Tufts, I was in the Amalgamates, their first and oldest coed group. In fact, the group is celebrating its 20th anniversary this coming fall. Many of my close friends here in New York are actually Tufts a cappella folks. After Tufts, I missed a cappella so much that I had a brief stint in the Copley Cats, an all female group in Boston, and then once I started law school at NYU, I actually started a coed group there -- Substantial Performance. It still exists to this day (yes, that's the legacy I left in law school).

But why expose the a cappella side now, you ask? Well, this past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Minimum Wage, an off-Broadway show featuring an a cappella group of the same name. It was cute and quirky, and had some fantastic songs, interesting arrangements, and extremely talented vocalists; best of all, it had tons of inside a cappella jokes, most of which I got. The a cappella world is a small one -- turns out the music director is a friend of one of my Amalgamate friends, and one of the writers and arrangers is none other than Sean Altman (mentioned previously in my blog, and a member of the Losers Lounge, which you should go see if you haven't already). The show closes at the end of the month, so go see it if you can!

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