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You Want Fries With That?

It's time again for a blatant plug, in this case, for a film. I had the privilege of seeing Super Size Me yesterday. This documentary chronicles one month in the life of the writer and filmmaker, during which he eats only at McDonald's. Hilarity and disastrous health effects ensue. It is incredibly well-done -- funny, insightful, educational, radical, illustrative, and thoughtful -- and it left me with a feeling of utter gratitude. Gratitude, you ask? Yes, gratitude. I am so thankful that my family has raised me to love, eat, and enjoy healthy food. I don't really drink soda because I never had it in my house growing up. My stepmother has a masters degree in nutrition, so our meals were always incredibly healthy and well-balanced, full of vegetables, and always served with a big salad. Watching the film made me realize that our family was not your "typical" American family. We could afford to eat well, and nutrition was a priority for us. Similarly, every time I beat myself up for not going to the gym, I should realize that I am getting more exercise than the average American simply by living in Manhattan, where I walk all the time. The film has created a small dent in the McDonald's corporate machine, although they deny that any changes were related to the film. According to the film, McD's is no longer offering their supersize options, and has introduced a line of "active" happy meals for adults. I'll have to take his word for it -- my trips to McD's are generally limited to road trips and acts of desperation, like PMS-induced french fry cravings (which are most often taken care of elsewhere). So run right out and see the film -- you'll be eating veggies for days afterwards.


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