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Weekend Highlights

All in all, a fairly mellow weekend, but there were definitely some high points. Met up with a few friends on Friday night at Fuel, the hip lounge, which used to be Phebe's, the dive with cheap pitchers. I remembered back to my first day of law school orientation when I was the hero for bringing a group of law students to a place so close to school with such cheap beer. After Fuel, we went to Great Jones Cafe, which would be my neighborhood bar were it only a few blocks closer to my apartment. Try the vodka lemonades if you haven't already. Saturday I had brunch with a longtime friend uptown, which gave us a much-needed opportunity to catch up on life, the universe, and everything. Then -- despite the fact that it was gorgeous out, I had already planned to go to the Met for a Tufts Alumni event -- a treasure hunt in the museum. Not only was it fun, but my team won, in record time. Got a pedicure (the purple polish leapt out at me -- I couldn't help it), then settled in for a mellow evening. I rented a flick and made my very first batch of enchiladas -- so easy and a perfect dish for lunchtime leftovers. After my enchilada, I was craving something sweet, so headed to Otto for some gelato before my movie. While I was there, the scary drunk guy next to me declared me to be "the girl for him." Thankfully, he was visiting from Florida. As they were leaving, his companion, who seemed much less drunk, offered me half a bottle of wine that they hadn't finished. Perhaps he figured it was adequate compensation for dealing with his drunk friend. Either way, I called up a neighbor and fellow wine society member, and we happily finished a great bottle of wine. She then joined me for the movie I had rented, and she and her boyfriend (who works at Otto) polished off the remaining enchiladas (no leftovers for me this time -- guess I'll make anonother batch!). Started off Sunday with yoga at Laughing Lotus, followed by brunch at City Bakery, and continued to enjoy the sunshine with a bike ride in Central Park, all with my friend Sarah, who was excellent company. Finished off the evening with drinks outside at B-Bar with my Sunday night crew.

So, despite the fact that I'm considering leaving to get a clean slate and a fresh start, life here in NYC is not too shabby either. . .

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