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Through the Eyes of a Child

The New York Times recounts one of John Kerry's recent Q & A sessions. Although the individuals asking questions weren't necessarily a key target group for votes, as they were 5 and 6 year olds in a New Mexico elementary school, their questions were still right on point. It's fascinating to discover the "political" concerns of kids that age -- one "child asked if Mr. Kerry could 'make sure dogs don't get run over by cars,' and Mr. Kerry promised to try."

Very often when I get wrapped up in my own problems, I find that spending time with children gives me some perspective. They're not worried about finding the right career or a solid romantic relationship. They are more interested in less complex matters, like why the sky is blue, or how come they can't have strawberry ice cream for dinner.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article. David Halbfinger does an excellent job reporting the visit as if it were a serious press conference:

The children were quite taken with Mr. Kerry's height. One girl, Mariana Gonzales, loudly asked if he could touch the roof; Mr. Kerry laughed off the question, but another child joined in: "But you're tall!"

A third member of this pack of junior jackals refused to drop the subject, crying, "Oh my God! You're tall!"

Cornered, Mr. Kerry conceded the point. "I am tall," he said

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