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Should I Stay or Should I Go?*

After reading two of Bridget Harrison's articles about men in New York -- one on the epidemic of casual-ness in NYC relationships; the other on NYC men being extraordinarily committment-phobic -- I am even more convinced that New York City breeds an unhealthy dating environment. This realization, coupled with my jealousy of friends moving away to start new jobs or graduate school, has led me to do some serious pondering about moving to another city.


Yes, I know, I have toyed with the notion of moving to Brooklyn to change my love life, but I'm also realizing that NYC as a whole is a tough place to live. The pace is fast and furious, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. I love it tremendously, and it's extremely hard for me to imagine living anywhere else, but perhaps that is enough reason for me to move away, at least temporarily. If I am incredibly homesick, and miss it dearly, then I can always move back. Maybe I should move somewhere else to prove to myself that I can, in fact, live outside of NYC. Having gotten to know myself pretty well in the past five years or so, I am pretty confident that I could move to a new city where I only know a few people and put the pieces together that I need/want/like to have to form a well-rounded life and a solid social network.

So where should I go? You've all gotten to know me a bit over the past nine months or so -- I'm extremely curious to get your opinons. I have my own, which I will share with you next week, but for now, remember that I'm looking for a well-educated, somewhat liberal population, where I don't need a car, with good food, opportunities for cycling, and a thriving music, arts, and culture scene. Remember, I need other fun, interesting, smart, youngish folks to hang out with, and enough space to have a dinner party for them. And a Chinatown is a plus. Let me know what you think!

* [A tribute to the Clash song of the same name. And by the way, if you do not own this album, buy it immediately.]

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