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Wanderlust, Part 2

Mean Girls*

Not sure why I'm obsessed with Bridget Harrison's columns lately, but her column this week is sort of a counterpoint to her prior two articles. This week, she attempts to get the male New Yorker's perspective, and concludes that they think that "girls are mean."

Mean?! Mean, my ass. The guys she interviews come forth with brilliant insight about New York women: "Women here can be so mean," said one friend. "Nothing is ever good enough, they expect you to pay for everything." Yeah. That's me, alright. "Girls who are easygoing and even occasionally pick up a tab are like a breath of fresh air." Are there really women out there who never pay? You all know how I feel about that. The article portrays New York women as gold-digging, wedding-hungry, nitpicky bitches. And if that describes me, which I hardly think it does, then I'm definitely in the wrong city. Most women I know don't fit that description, either, which is a testament to the interesting, smart, attractive, amazing women with whom I surround myself. We are the true women of New York City. Come and find us if you want a change of pace.


[* You know, like the movie. I really want to see this, by the way. It's supposed to be like an updated Heathers.]

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