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Manhattan Users Guide interviewed a number of New York bloggers (some of whom are on my links list, on the left) to get lists of their top ten favorite things about New York. I agree with many of their picks. The Morning News ranks pizza as one of their favorites -- it's hard to explain to people outside of New York why their pizza sucks. Take our word for it, folks. It does. For a great slice, I recommend Joe's. Remy Stern, (a fellow Jumbo) of NewYorkish, has a list that is almost identical to something I might put together, highlighting things like Chinatown, the Mud trucks, and Community Gardens. Maybe our time in Boston similarly shaped our opinions about what we love about New York. Amy Langfield ranks the Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro and dog runs as some of her faves, and they'd be on my list as well. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the top ten lists.

Once again, it makes me thankful that I can enjoy so much of what NYC has to offer, and I realize each day how much I still have to explore. So, folks, what are your favorite things about NYC? What have they missed? One thing I'd add -- a good neighborhood bar.

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