Schadenfreude in TV Land

Spring Has Sprung

No really. It has. How do I know this? Because yesterday, I took my bike out for her inaugural spin of the season. Granted, I was freezing, so I only rode up on to Chelsea Piers and back -- all said and done about 20 minutes -- but I took 'er out nonetheless. There are other signs -- the sudden urge to clean out the closet (not that it will actually happen, but the urge is there), the rumblings of spring and summer travel plans, the desire to go barefoot (or at least without socks) if at all possible. Never mind that it's not supposed to go above 50 degrees this week. I don't care. For me, it's spring.


Has spring sprung for you yet? If so, see you on the bike path -- I'm the one riding the Cannondale compact (yes, it's the bike for shrimps).

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