Truly Tasteless (and Taken)
Spring Has Sprung


One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that when I start to feel slightly stressed out, exercise, sleep and eating well are always my first remedies. This morning, I woke up super-early, as I've had a a lot on my mind lately. So -- off I went to yoga. I first started practicing yoga about four years ago, and although I've never done it regularly, I really enjoy the calm stretching, the chanting, and the breathing. Looking back to my days at music and arts camp, many of the exercises we did to warm up and cool down were yoga poses, which I didn't realize until much later. But even back then, and particularly now, I have a great deal of trouble shutting out all the outside thoughts. And then I wonder -- is it just me? Is everyone else here achieving inner peace, at least for an hour? I can't imagine that everyone else is simply dismissing all the thoughts that creep into your head during exercise -- what do I need to do later today? why hasn't that guy called me? are my underwear sticking out? I forgot to call my friend back to let her know about tonight -- shit. Oh wait. Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace, inhale, exhale.

Is it just me? What are your yoga thoughts like? Perhaps if I practice more regularly, this will change. Sounds like a good springtime project. Om.


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