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Laren, Unplugged

I had a great weekend. I had an out-of-town visitor, and we had a fun-filled, yet relaxing, New York weekend. We went to a karaoke party, cooked brunch, wandered through the Lower East Side (searching for Guss' Pickles, which was closed, but went to Economy Candy instead), saw the Eldridge Street Synagogue (the first synagogue built in NYC), walked around Chinatown (got to eat at Fried Dumpling and New Green Bo), saw the John Waters exhibit at the New Museum, went to a margarita party, and had drinks at Great Jones Cafe. Over the course of the weekend, I took a bunch of pictures. So, last night, I had a quiet night planned at home. I was hoping to post some of the pictures from the weekend, post some other pictures that I have neglected for a while, and take care of a few ministerial things -- pay some bills, buy plane tickets for Passover, etc. I arrived at home, sat down at my computer, and DISASTER -- my cable modem seemed to be on the fritz. After spending some time on the phone with the RCN technician chatting about Wilkes-Barre, PA (did you know that it's home to Sallie Mae? I did, thanks to having a friend who grew up there (hi, geek!)) while I unplugged, replugged, and generally adjusted my dead cable modem, we had no choice but to schedule a service call for later this week.

It made me realize how, in the span of about five years, I have gone from someone who scoffed at the notion of reading news, paying bills, or buying groceries on the internet, to someone who does all of those things and more online. Granted, while I pay all of my bills and make the majority of my travel arrangements online, sometimes there's no substitute for the old-fashioned version. I still get the Sunday New York Times delivered. I go to the local farmers' market and neighborhood stores in addition to shopping at Fresh Direct. But, despite all that, I was certainly flustered last night. Plus, I have been trying not to write in my blog during work hours, so the death of my home cable modem certainly didn't help any.

So, here I am at work, blogging away, but for those of you eagerly awaiting the karaoke (and other) pictures. You'll have to wait until after Thursday. I doubt that any of you are reading this, but if you are, I'm sure you're devastated.

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