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Maccers has written an excellent guide on how to survive a breakup. She provides concrete, practical advice, such as:

  • Wallow, wallow, wallow. Bore your friends shitless with constant droning.
  • Drink yourself into a coma and have a one night stand with the most hideous individual you can find.
  • Call every single guy you’ve met in the last 10 years and invite them out for drinks. Tell them you’re paying.
  • Beg your friends to call every single guy they’ve met in the last 10 years and to fix you up on a blind date. Tell them you’re paying.
    and one of her readers provided a gem:
  • When he comes crawling back in 3-6 months time, sleep with him precisely once and then dump him.
  • Some of these things I managed to figure out myself during the course of various breakups over the years, but it's always nice to get additional pointers.
    [via NewYorkish]

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