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A certain ex of mine has been getting tons of press lately. He is one of a small group of national finalists in a competition to become one of Lego's master builders -- basically, someone who gets paid to build things with Lego all day. This has been one of his lifelong dreams -- when we lived together, we had Lego all over our apartment, which I very often had to explain to visitors. But his persistence and enthusiasm has paid off. Please join me in wishing him best of luck as he heads to San Diego next week to compete against the other finalists. If you're interested, you can view some of his Lego creations in his gallery.

It's always hard to read about one's exes, especially since the nationally syndicated article prominently mentions his current girlfriend. But I'm used to this -- I had the lovely experience of reading about another ex's wedding in the New York Times. I knew he was getting married, so this was no surprise to me, but I had to read, in excruciating detail, how he was "eager to propose" and exactly how he proposed to her. Made me want to barf. Sometimes I think it would be easiest if, once you stopped dating someone, he would just sort of vaporize, so you'd never have to hear about their current romantic relationships. But someday, I figure, they'll have to read all about me and my boyfriend/husband. Granted, they will have to use bifocals or read it in the large print edition of the Times at the rate I'm going . . .oy.

* Not to be confused with the X-Files.

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