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Well, I survived my birthday -- what better way to celebrate than with a week off work!? This week will be spent seeing movies, socializing, and trying to get to some of those little projects that have fallen by the wayside during the past year. One such project is my knitting. In true urban hipster chick style, I started knitting what was supposed to be a scarf last year. but as you can see, it has become way too fat to be a scarf, and it's made of very fat, squishy yarn, so even if I made it long enough to be a scarf, it would never fit around anyone's neck.


I turned to the internet for help. I found three yarn stores in my neighborhood -- Purl, in SoHo, Downtown Yarns, in the East Village, and Knit New York, a knitting store/coffee shop. I chose Downtown Yarns, since some of the reviews I had seen online spoke very highly of the place. I had already decided that I want to turn this thing into a purse, and I knew I would probably need supplies to do this. When I went to ask questions, one of the women there was somewhat nasty to me, saying that they don't generally tend to help people who bring their own yarn and who don't buy things there regularly. She also acted as if I were a complete and utter moron when I asked basic questions. I felt like saying, "look, lady, I haven't made anything with yarn or a needle and thread since home ec in junior high -- cut me some slack." I got a little bit of guidance, two tapestry needles, and some big, fat needles with which to start my next scarf. It will be very narrow. Not sure I'll be heading back to Downtown Yarns anytime soon. Luckily, I have a friend who knits who will not be so condescending when I ask moronic questions. Perhaps I should try another crafty hobby -- suggestions are welcome!

*A tribute to the Beastie Boys song of the same name.

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