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Today, it's all about me. It's my 33rd birthday. A birthday is the one day a year that I think everyone should get pampered, spoiled, and given special treatment. Especially me. :)

Having a birthday the day after Christmas very often results in having a celebration or a present sort of squished in among Christmas/Chanukah festivities. This is not good. Over the years, I've trained friends and relatives pretty well -- they tend to avoid the dreaded "combo" gift. "I don't give you a combo gift," I explain, "so you shouldn't give me one." Over the past few years, I have had a celebration with a group of friends on my actual birthday. There's usually a strange mix of people in town, which simply adds to the fun of the evening. This year, I have a family dinner tonight. The friend-based birthday festivities will happen later, on a surrogate date.

So -- Happy Birthday to me! Woo hoo! (PS -- if you're looking for a gift for me, food always works!)


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