Fellow dorks, unite!


You may be wondering, as I was, what my parents' reaction to my weblog would be. (You may not -- in which case you should probably skip this post entirely.) It was very -- underwhelming. I'm not sure it was because a) they didn't really take the time to read it; b) they don't really care; or c) they did take the time to read it and do care, but weren't particularly excited by it. I'm rooting for a. My dad offered one comment -- "you're funny! Especially the thing about the hotdish. And it's great that you have a link to the recipe for Kim's cheesecake." I'm going to interpret the surprise in his voice when he said, "you're funny" as a compliment. Something along the lines of "gee -- who knew my daughter was so witty!" Maybe they don't quite "get" the weblog as a medium. They're not super-techno-savvy. I sent my stepmother an Evite and she was flummoxed. Dad had to help her respond (which she did -- nice teamwork!). I'm hoping they realize that they can comment on entries if they choose to do so, etc., and actually take the time to check it every now and again. I think my brother and sister read it from time to time. Keep in mind, that I actually have two sets of parents. I haven't given my mom and stepfather the link yet. Maybe later this week!

And by the way -- how 'bout that snow!?


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