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What's in a Name?

I would love to get some reader feedback on this one. As a single woman dating in New York, I have noticed a trend among my peers. Until someone actually moves up to the status of "boyfriend," (and sometimes even after that) he tends to get dubbed with a nickname. This way, your friends don't have to be bothered learning someone's name until they're sure he'll be around for a significant period of time, and you can still keep them filled in on the details of your social life. Sometimes these nicknames focus on someone's job ("the architect," "the doctor"), or how you met them ("internet boy," "dinner party guy"), or where they live ("DC guy," "East Village guy").

So my question, dear readers, is -- what are some of your/your friends' top nicknames for guys you've dated or been interested in? Here are some of my favorites (they are not all guys I've dated personally -- some are from friends):

  • the clown
  • soup guy
  • no-sparks-Mike
  • the Republican
  • pro-life/NASCAR guy
  • the jackass
  • the intern

    Please chime in -- I'm looking forward to hearing your responses! (And please note -- this is open to men and nicknames that they may have for women they've dated, too. I don't think the phenomenon is gender-specific.)

    UPDATE: people are starting to chime in -- here are some reader submissions, and I will continue to add to this list. Thank you for your contributions and feedback!

  • wine guy
  • boring paul
  • subway guy
  • NBA guy
  • The Great Dane
  • Wharton Guy
  • The NRA guy
  • Tall Eric
  • Not-my-brother Jeremy, Jeremy
  • The Venti Mocha
  • The Clump
  • The Nugget
  • Cupcake Boy
  • Shack
  • non-date guy
  • Stove-top stuffing

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