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My Thanksgiving this year is going to be slightly odd. Not bad, just odd. I am going up to my Mom's for the day, and my Mom, who usually really enjoys cooking for the holidays, announced that "Thanksgiving elves" will be doing the cooking this year. In other words, she's ordering Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I generally don't have strong opinions about ordering versus cooking food, but it does seem rather strange to me to be ordering Thanksgiving dinner. For now, I will reserve judgment until after the meal.

On Friday, I will be meeting the other half of the family in Virginia, where we are going to visit friends of the family at their farm. It will be a full house -- complete with two sets of twins, two siblings of twins (including me) and two sets of parents. I think my Dad is planning on hauling ten lobsters on the plane down from Portland, Maine so that we can have a lobster dinner on Friday night, then we're having Thanksgiving dinner, take two, on Saturday night.

Since I am trying my best to get back on the exercise wagon, I'll be bringing running clothes. Perhaps I'll even use them.

Finally, in keeping with the odd Thanksgiving tradition, I have decided that next year's Thanksgiving menu will feature Turducken. For those not in the know, this is a chicken in a duck in a turkey, with layers of stuffing in between. I think it originated in New Orleans, from Chef Paul Prudhomme, whose site features step-by-step instructions on how to make a Turducken. Between his recipe and a few others I've seen, it looks like a major process. I may have to start cooking next week.


Happy Thanksgiving to the seven of you reading (I think my readership is slowly starting to grow!)

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