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Food, glorious food

Yesterday was a fantastic food day. I slept late (always good for a Sunday), then brought my neighbor, Glenn, and his friend Clancy to HSF for dim sum. Every time I go to dim sum, I wonder why I don't go more often. We had the crab, which I had the last time I went -- it's my absolute favorite thing there. It's sauteed in a ginger-based sauce with scallions, and is a complete mess to eat. What more could you ask for? We also had salt-baked shrimp, roast pork buns, a smoky and sticky variety of fried rice, roast duck, shrimp rolls, and variety of dumplings -- shrimp dumplings, seafood dumplings, and pork dumplings, each in a different type of wrapper. Amazing. For the first time, I left without feeling completely stuffed.

Our next adventure involved wandering through the Feast of San Genarro. It's absolutely mind-boggling to me that even after our dim sum feast, all of the gluttony that is San Genarro still managed to make my mouth water. I settled on a lemon ice, which I shared with the boys.

Next and final food stop of the afternoon was the Bespeckled Trout, an old-fashioned soda shop in the West Village. Glenn and Clancy got milkshakes, but I could only make room for an egg cream. I've been thinking about getting seltzer so I can make egg creams at home -- is it kosher to make egg creams with anything other than Fox's U-Bet syrup? Hmmm . . .


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