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How can you break up with someone who's not even technically your boyfriend? Somehow we managed. But the definition of "breaking up" can be just as fuzzy as the definition of "dating" or "boyfriend." If by "breaking up" you mean still going out a few times a week and still hooking up, then yes, we broke up.


So -- what's the best way to take care of yourself after a "break up"? Get lots of sleep, go to the gym, and, of course, go out for drinks with your ex and ask out another bartender.

Nice one, Lar.

Back to the excitement

Alright. I'm sticking with this format, so now back to the excitement that is my life.

Just returned from a great weekend in Boston and the wilds of Maine with the Tufts crew. We ate a ton, including lobster at the Naples lobster pound and a pulled pork sandwich at Redbones. Also worth mentioning were two days of barbecues and two ice cream sodas at Pears. Time to get back on the food/exercise wagon.

It's amazing how relaxed, decompressed, and lethargic I get when I go up to Maine. All I want to do is chill out, nap, read, and eat. Swimming and kayaking were fun, though.


Back to work.