Weekend Wrapup -- Beacon Edition

I was lucky ​enough to have a lovely and relaxing weekend up in Beacon. My initial impetus for the visit was the #AEKarpediem wedding (where I got to see many Tufts friends in addition to the groom), but I stayed with my dear friend John, so I got to catch up with him as well! Over the years, my friends Lynnette and Ty have invited me up to their weekend place in Beacon, so I wanted to make sure I saw them as well (in addition to introducing them to John, who lives up there full time). They graciously invited me to stay for an additional night, and we proceeded to catch up with Jess (and her adorable new baby!) and cook up a storm. We made lamb three ways -- lamb liver pate, kofte, and lamp chops, grilled up veggies galore, and washed it down with rose while relaxing around the fire pit. All in all a food, fun, and friend-filled weekend, with great weather to boot. Thanks to all for the hospitality and big mazels to Anna and Ethan!!


Off the Grid

In a few hours, I'm flying to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where I'll be spending roughly 24 hours before heading to the Galapagos. Once I've reached the Galapagos, I'll have no cell or internet for about 8 days until I'm back in Guayaquil on the 2nd. Merry Xmas and happy early New Year, everyone -- see you in 2016!

Travel Woes

(a.k.a. First World Problems). I'm heading to SF/Napa/Sonoma in a few hours and was all excited that I had purchased an upgrade with my miles. I woke up to an email that my flight was cancelled. I'm now on a later flight, in the second to last row. Sigh.  I really can't complain -- at least I can get out today, my miles (and the fee) will be refunded (assuming I don't get upgraded at the airport) and I got a travel voucher as an apology for the cancelled flight. SF friends (and many others) -- see you soon!

Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for the radio silence, kids. I have been a little busier than I'd prefer and when I have had down time, I have had zero interest in being in front of a computer. I am currently on an Amtrak en route to DC for a conference law school public interest/pro bono people and am headed off to the woods with college friends upon my return to NYC.

In my absence, please allow yourself to be entertained by this video of Supreme Court arguments being acted out by animals.


While I was in Maine last week, for a decent portion of the trip I was in a cabin on a lake in Casco, Maine. This was incredibly relaxing on many fronts, not the least of which was the spotty cell service and lack of wifi. Sometimes I don't realize how much time I spend either in front of a computer or checking my phone, futzing around on social media or texting with people. It was truly a pleasure to unplug and walk away from the electronic tether. Don't get me wrong -- I still looked at my phone  and walked over to our neighboring cabin for a dose of wifi every now and again, but nowhere near as much as I do in my day-to-day life in NYC. I'm going to try to maintain more unplugged time when I'm not on vacation -- I've started with keeping my phone and tablet in the other room when I go to bed -- and hope to carve out more unplugged time in addition. So don't take it personally if I don't respond right away . . .