Weekend Wrapup -- Beacon Edition

I was lucky ​enough to have a lovely and relaxing weekend up in Beacon. My initial impetus for the visit was the #AEKarpediem wedding (where I got to see many Tufts friends in addition to the groom), but I stayed with my dear friend John, so I got to catch up with him as well! Over the years, my friends Lynnette and Ty have invited me up to their weekend place in Beacon, so I wanted to make sure I saw them as well (in addition to introducing them to John, who lives up there full time). They graciously invited me to stay for an additional night, and we proceeded to catch up with Jess (and her adorable new baby!) and cook up a storm. We made lamb three ways -- lamb liver pate, kofte, and lamp chops, grilled up veggies galore, and washed it down with rose while relaxing around the fire pit. All in all a food, fun, and friend-filled weekend, with great weather to boot. Thanks to all for the hospitality and big mazels to Anna and Ethan!!


My New Boyfriend


He's smart, handsome and age-appropriate. He's a feminist, he's pro-choice, and supports gender equality in the workplace and with equal parental leave. He's got the body of a boxer and has a tattoo. on one of his biceps.  He is welcoming to refugees and is an animal lover.  Isn't he fantastic? 

Ok, where was I? Back to reality.


Things that are making me smile these days:

New bike shoes on sale  (for spin class and bike tour trips; keeping my racing shoes for the tri) 



Getting a mix tape that I can actually play





Sweet Dreams

In the past few years, sleep has become more and more sacred to me. I regularly get about 7 hours; 8 on a good night, and even more on leisurely weekends. 6 or less and I get cranky, lack concentration, and have zero motivation to exercise. This effectively gives me a solid curfew on school nights these days of about 11, or maybe midnight if I'm close to home. Last night, I went to go see a band in Williamsburg with two of my law school friends with whom I used to go see bands all the time. When we first made the plans, we thought the band was starting at 8. Then we learned there was an opening band at 8 and our band was on at 9. This was perfect -- it allowed for a quick stop at home to walk Mox, and ample time to get to Brooklyn and catch up over dinner before the band started. Late in the day we learned our band was slated to start at 10.

Now, I'm the only one in the group that isn't married with kids, but one friend is (and never was) a night owl, and one of my friends had to deal with the additional schlep of a train back to Long Island at the end of the evening, so we weren't thrilled with the 10pm start. Of course, because we're dealing with a cool, hip band in Williamsburg, they didn't actually go on until about 10:50.  Let's just say I'm a little tired today, but it would have been worse if I had stayed until the band finished. I was the first man down -- pathetic, I know. My law school self would be terribly disappointed. 

More Tales from Tales (This Time, With Video)

One (of many) event at Tales that I didn't attend was the Spirited Awards. Instead, I went and ate dinner at Cochon with some friends. Given the fact that it's historically a long, drawn-out affair with very little food (and the food that is served isn't particularly good), I think I made the right choice.  That said, I did miss some hilarious videos made by Tess Mix of  Le JIT Productions.  Luckily for all of us, she put them up on YouTube for our enjoyment. Here are my three favorites:

American Bartender of the Year


Sh*t Brand Ambassadors Say (Best American Brand Ambassador)


Best High Volume Cocktail Bar

It's a Dog's Life

Miss Moxie had a bit of a rough weekend -- she got her dew claw caught in a puppy friend's harness while they were playing on Thursday night and it tore down the the quick, so Friday I had to take her to the vet to get it clipped off. She had to be sedated and was a druggy mess on Friday night. She's still wearing the cone of shame so that she won't lick her paw and she's on antibiotics which seem to be taking away her appetite, but is otherwise in good spirits. At the very least, she's better than another of her dog park friends, Winston, who we ran into at the vet. Winston, a daschund, had burned his nether regions on some hot asphalt . . . Here's to a speedy recovery for everyone, but especially Winston!!

In other news this weekend, Mox & I had a lovely visit to Smorgasburg, I joined the 8th Street Winecellar for their 5th birthday celebration after a BYOB Italian dinner in the East Village, and I had a fun Sunday at the SuperDuper Market (Shorty Tang sesame noodles and Humphrey Slocumb ice cream!) before heading off to the Bastille Day celebration on Smith Street. Wound up the weekend with a few episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4. Not too shabby!