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This year, like most years, the 9/11 tribute lights took me by surprise.* My initial reaction is always deep sorrow, and then amazement that it was so much longer ago than it feels. Next, I feel pride in all the work that my colleagues and I did during the aftermath of the tragedy, and gratefulness for the friendships I made during that time.  Finally, I feel thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Thinking of all of you today. xoxo

*this year's view was from the Dog Palace in Brooklyn. 

My New Boyfriend


He's smart, handsome and age-appropriate. He's a feminist, he's pro-choice, and supports gender equality in the workplace and with equal parental leave. He's got the body of a boxer and has a tattoo. on one of his biceps.  He is welcoming to refugees and is an animal lover.  Isn't he fantastic? 

Ok, where was I? Back to reality.


I've been playing in a shuffleboard league at Royal Palms the past few months (in Gowanus -- yes, I'm a hipster). It has been quite fun, and we did okay -- we won some and we lost some. I've met new people and re-connected with others I know who happened to be in the league, and all and all I've enjoyed it. Last night, as I was playing, I noticed that one of the guys on the other team would always make a comment when he missed a shot, and that more often than not, it involved calling the biscuit (the puck-like thing) a name -- a misogynistic name, like "bitch" and "whore."  "Travel, you whore!" The guy seemed fairly nice and friendly otherwise. At the end of the match, as we were all shaking hands, I said to him, "hey, you might want to tone down the misogynistic comments when you miss a shot." He was honestly apologetic. "You're right -- I didn't realize I was even doing that. What if my little sister was here?! Thanks."

Spreading awareness, one dude at a time.

In the News

My favorite quote from today's news, in an article about divisions within the Republican party regarding proposed abortion legislation: "Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, recalled on Thursday when she was new to Congress and opposed a bill restricting abortion. “One of the Republican members got up and said, ‘Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows more about having babies than the pope,’ ” Ms. Pelosi, who has five children, said, adding, “Yeah. Yeah. That would be true.”"

UPDATE: and another, from the first female customer allowed through the door of McSorleys: “Martinis are like marriages,” said Ms. Shaum, who was married twice, to men who are now deceased. “Two is enough and three is too many.”

Grand Jury

The news this week has me thinking a great deal about our criminal justice system and how broken it is on so many levels. Obviously I was not in the grand jury room and did not hear the evidence, but I did have the opportunity to sit on a grand jury in the late 90's. As a recent law grad, it was fascinating -- watching the prosecutors outline each element of the charge through witnesses and other evidence -- it was a real life demo of everything I learned in my criminal law and procedure classes, which were some of my favorites in law school. That said, it was also a horrifying window into how screwed up our criminal justice system really is. A few weeks in, several of my fellow grand jurors still didn't seem to understand that we weren't *trying* the cases, but merely seeing if they met the rather low evidentiary standard for indictment and that the trial came later.  It was stunning. We'll likely never know how each grand juror in Ferguson ultimately came to his or her decision, but it seems odd from an outside perspective that the very low indictment standard wasn't met by the prosecution.

Back to my work increasing access to justice and improving the legal system, I guess . . .

Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for the radio silence, kids. I have been a little busier than I'd prefer and when I have had down time, I have had zero interest in being in front of a computer. I am currently on an Amtrak en route to DC for a conference law school public interest/pro bono people and am headed off to the woods with college friends upon my return to NYC.

In my absence, please allow yourself to be entertained by this video of Supreme Court arguments being acted out by animals.

In the News

These recent items from my news feeds caught my eye:

Down with Brunch! -- Apparently going to brunch makes you an irresponsible, childless, indulgent consumer who illustrates what's wrong with New York. Personally, I tend to go for the bacon, but then again, I prefer brunch at home (ideally in PJ's) to brunch out. 

How to Stock Your Pantry -- In the *duh* department (at least from my perspective, although I get that not everyone else has food hoarding tendencies). Otherwise known as "why I can eat for a month if I'm locked in my apartment and can't order from Seamless." See also: this

Kids Eating Fancy-Pants Food -- If you haven't seen this yet, go for it. It'll make you smile.