Miracle Man*
Booze You Can Use: Have a French 75


There are days when I walk around the city feeling like a pack mule. On a typical day, I'm carrying a purse of some sort (larger if I'm carrying work documents and/or my tablet), a coffee mug (because I cannot wrap my head around the fact that places are now charging $4 for a cold  brew iced coffee), breakfast (I generally don't eat or drink coffee until I get to work -- maybe I need to work on this), and lunch (not every day -- but most days). Tack on a visit to the gym and I've got workout gear, a Citibike trip and I've got a helmet, and today, to top things off, I toted my compost uptown to drop at the greenmarket on my way to work like a good little citizen of planet earth. Luckily by the end of the day, the coffee mug will be empty, breakfast and lunch will be eaten, compost will be gone, and I can ride a Citibike from 59th St. to the gym wearing my helmet and gym clothes, only toting my work outfit (lighter than gym clothes).  This all counts as exercise/triathlon training, right?

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