Ode to a Buttered Roll
Best Things I Ate and Drank This Year (or at least six of them)

The Tourist List - East Village/Lower East Side

Every so often I encounter tourists looking for places to eat/drink while they're in town. I don't have a definitive list, but I wanted to share a list I made last night. This one was for a French couple who is leaving tomorrow. They're staying at an apartment in the East Village and it's their first trip to the U.S. I tried to think of very New York places, modestly priced, that they could walk to from their home base, or places that they might find something they wouldn't find in their native Paris. They also asked me to pick just one from the list that they should go to if they only had time for one. Based on what they told me, I picked Katz's (but told them they should also go to Momofuku Ssam Bar if they could do two).
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