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Rant of the Day: Texting While Cycling

Sometimes I get all riled up about non-important things. For example, when people put their stuff in a locker at the gym and then don't put a lock on it and I end up opening up five full, unlocked lockers before I can find a free one, I secretly think this. My latest issue? People who text while cycling. It should go without saying that this is incredibly stupid and unsafe behavior regardless of whether you are doing it in regular street traffic or on the pedestrian paths in Washington Square Park (where it seems rampant). I want these people to crash -- not into me, but into a streetlamp, or a pothole, or a mailbox -- and suffer just enough injury to realize that they should no longer text while cycling because IT IS STUPID AND UNSAFE!!! Sheesh. Thus ends today's rant. Except that I will add that this weather sucks.

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