Update from Probonofest
The Current Soundtrack


Every year when I return from the Pro Bono Institute, I'm re-energized and full of good ideas for enhancing our pro bono program.  Much of this is due to being surrounded by my enthusiastic colleagues who attend the conference each year.  But I am also inspired by two great women who I always feel are there in spirit, even though they are both no longer with us.  Hanna Cohn was the director of the Volunteer Legal Services Project in Rochester, and Tanya Neiman was the director of the Volunteer Legal Services Program of the San Francisco Bar.  Both of these women offered me guidance in the early days of my pro bono career and were truly an inspiration of how I would like to continue to build it going forward.  Hanna & Tanya -- we miss you and are doing our best to build upon the work you did to bring justice to those in need.
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