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August 30, 2007


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I'm with you on that one. I guess in their youthful exuberance they don't realize that others have places to go and people to meet - at specific times and places. Large families strolling down the street preent the same problem.


Walk around with a loud honking horn!!! haha


It's an innate trait of the species "Collegious-Egocentricious" to take over any physical space (sidewalks, deli entrances, etc) regurgetating knowledge they believe to be their own in order to emit their pheromones to other members of their species. This mating ritual usually precedes consuming large amounts of cheap liquor, regressing into babbling incoherent versions of the same and participating in later regretful actions.

Yes, they do often deserve an errant elbow or two. :)


Give me a break. None of you are SO busy that it is that much of an inconvenience. And, I'm sure you were exactly the same when in college. Enjoy the vitality of youth and stop being a bunch of grumpy, pain-in-the-ass, spoiled cranks.


Yeah, like I'm sure you never did that when you were in undergrad. This among other things should be a clear cut indicator that you are getting old. CHURCH!

Let the kids be kids. I love it when parents yell at their kids for yelling...they are just being kids, geeez...give them a break.

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