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A Little Erotica, A Little Porn

I finally managed to make it to Rachel's In the Flesh reading series after several months of scheduling conflicts.  Although I certainly enjoyed the readings/performances, my favorite part of the evening was seeing so many people whom I hadn't seen in way too long (okay, there are probably more links, but I was getting lazy there).  Other highlights of my week included my now semi-regular Tuesday night kickboxing class (take that, stress!), drinks and crudo at Dona, a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, and the first summer associate event of the summer.  Tonight was all about a hot date with my couch, some Pio Maya chicken mole leftovers and a tape of last night's Top Chef.  I'm about to top that off by curling up in bed with some hot porn -- food porn, that is (the new Bon Appetit was in my mailbox today).  At least I know I'll have sweet dreams (bad pun fully intended, of course).

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