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My Life is Kind of Bizarro Sometimes

It's Band-Aid Season!

Cuteshoes_1Break out your swine band-aids, because it's that time of year again.  Last week, walking around the city, I saw women everywhere, leaning against buildings and lampposts or just sitting at their desks applying band-aids to the war wounds caused by the onset of spring, or more specifically, the inclusion of summer shoes into our wardrobes.  Why do we do this?  Every year, we go through a period of pain, blisters, moleskin, neosporin and bandages, and for what?  Cute shoes.  I am one of the least "girly" girls I know, but even some of my flip-flops mangle my feet for a few wearings before I get used to them again.  Despite the pain, we press on, until our tender feet, having hibernated for the winter under fuzzy socks, toughen up again -- a price they must pay to get a little sunshine.

(Believe it or not, those are my shoes.  Yes, I know they're pink.  No, I haven't lost my mind.)

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