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April 13, 2005


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» Holy Calamity from Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog
I am apparently a "Cool New Person" on MySpace today. (Thanks to Herbie for the picture, since I can't seem to see it myself.) 21 friend requests from people I've never met and counting. It's going to be real fun to deny them all! Admittedly, I have n... [Read More]



That's hysterical.


I guess I am your Brooklyn counterpart (minus the Google part). Girl, I SO get it. Also miss you - hopefully we can see each other sometime soon.


if it's any consolation, someone apparently made their way to my site today by googling my name and the word "cock".


Miss you too, but I'll see you this weekend at Ms. A's bday festivities.

Someone found me once by googling "Gothamist Food bad writers." Not as bad as "cock," but insulting nonetheless.


Don't feel bad. I'm "pictures of vulvas" on my personal diary blog and "incongrous" on my photoblog. You write one thing about someone talking about pictures of vulvas and suddenly you are the mecca for things awful.

Bookhouse Boy

My crime blog has at different times used the words "shirtless," "Gotti," and "boys." I now get three hits a day with variations of "shirtless gotti boys" and am first on google with the phrase. I have no idea what it means.

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